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Joris Cielen and Stijn Vanspauwen, originally from Belgium

Joyhauser is a dynamic duo deeply passionate about electronic music culture and recognized as a thrilling force in contemporary techno. Joyhauser represents the combined talent of Joris Cielen and Stijn Vanspauwen. Their music is characterized by a unique blend of techno, trance, Belgium's rich rave heritage, and various other styles. They are on the brink of releasing their debut album, "In Memero," marking a new phase in their artistic journey, driven by their core values and an expansive vision.

The duo derives their name from two influential psychologists, Joy Paul Guilford and Marc Hauser, whose work in intelligence and primate behavior respectively serves as significant sources of inspiration for Joyhauser. This psychological interest forms the conceptual foundation of their debut album, "In Memero."

"In Memero" comprises 12 tracks that showcase Stijn and Joris' diverse musical preferences, spanning from the energetic power of rave and techno to slower BPMs and broken beats. This album will serve as the foundation for Joyhauser's upcoming live performances, expanding upon their fusion of intelligence and behavior in their music.

As they progress in their evolution, Joyhauser remains committed to their core principles, infusing their music with a genuinely human touch driven by feelings, emotions, and universal intelligence.

Come and watch us live @ Cirque Mystique Techno Special SATURDAY 25th November 2023

Step into Cirque Mystique!

Lose your mind at Cirque Mystique! Madness abounds when you step into the chaos beyond the mists of the Mystic Garden... Come wonder at the aerial acrobats, fire-breathers and contortionists twisting your reality into a party where things are not quite what they seem... Will you dare to join? Step into the ring!

CM 2023 music


Saturday November 25 
Kick off with a dark techno night, hosted by Dockyard Festival.

Magic & Madness

Lights, acrobats, marvels and fire! From curious and absurd to mad and pure magic, Cirque Mystique offers a fast-paced show full of talent that goes far beyond music.

CM maddness smoke


Nestled on the shores of Amsterdam lives Cirque Mystique, a magic circus set in the relics of the Hembrugterrein.

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