FAQ - Health & Safety
First aid

Not feeling well? Head over to our first-aid heroes at the EHBO station. They’re here to help you, so please don’t be shy.

Zero tolerance drugs policy

Cirque Mystique maintains a zero tolerance drugs policy. Please expect to be checked thoroughly by security at the entrance.

Celebrate safe

We think it’s really important to celebrate life!
So do it safe and fun.

  1. Think for yourself, care about others.
  2. Using alcohol or other drugs is never without risks.
  3. Love your ears, use earplugs
  4. Take a break to cool and chill
  5. Know your limits and respect those of others
  6. Enjoy safe sex without regrets.
  7. Security and crew is there to keep you safe.
  8. The first aid team is your friend.
  9. Get home safe: grab a ride. Don’t drink and drive.
  10. Love your body: take time to recover

There will be a celebrate safe stand at Cirque Mystique.
For more information visit Celebrate Safe.